I am in love with The Fighter and The King’s Speech. Anything they win I will be happy about. Glee and The Good Wife too. There were some really strong movies, tv shows, and actors this season and they really all deserved to be acknowledged.

Here are some of my favorite dresses of this evening:

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Cake Batter Cookies

Today was a snow day, so I was able to spend my whole day baking. These turned out so well! They’re really moist and delicious. The recipe calls for chocolate chips, but I had none so I used M&Ms instead. They turned out soooo well! I’m very happy, especially after my earlier scone disaster.

Recipe via Stephanie Cooks

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Déjà Vu

Two years ago today, I was in France absorbing a study abroad experience. Every night was something new: fondue, Raclette (melted cheese over things like boiled potatoes), Tarte Tatin, and of course, crêpes. Whether savory or sweet, I am always in the mood for a crêpe. My favorites include cheese with ham or banana with Nutella. But, there is nothing more comforting than a plain crêpe with butter, sugar, and lemon juice. Here is my favorite recipe for crêpes, with some pictures from my trip just 2 years ago.

Courtesy of Alton Brown via

Favorite Candy + Favorite Cookie = New Fav

M&Ms are one of my favorite candies. I imagine that I was first drawn to them because my initials are MM. But, they are an addicting candy that never really gets old. Yesterday, I stumbled upon a recipe for M&Ms in cups of chocolate chip cookie. Immediately, I was hooked. These cute little cups of M&Ms are clever and really perfect for bakesales, Valentine’s treats, etc. Try these, they won’t let you down!

Recipe courtesy of Oh My Sugar High

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Golden Globes and Golden Cookies

I had a couple friends over this weekend, seeing as it was a long weekend. We decided to make a simple but delicious dessert for our Golden Globe viewing party. We made Snickerdoodles and they were a huge hit. I recommend making them right before eating them, because they’re especially delicious when warm.

Recipe courtesy of Emeril Lagasse at the Food Network

Here are some pictures of the snickerdoodles:

And here are some of my favorite dresses of the night! I thought all of these were age appropriate, event appropriate (a lot of people went as if they were going to the Oscars…that would be too formal), beautiful colors, and extremely flattering. Comment below and let me know who you liked!

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As Time Goes By

I watched this movie not expecting a whole lot. To tell you the truth, the only reason why I pressed play in the first place was because John Patrick Amedori is in it. Timer is about a fantasy device that calculates the amount of time left until you meet your soulmate. If you get one and it reads: –:–:–:– then your soulmate does not have their timer yet. As soon as they get it, it will start counting down. The movie follows a woman named Oona (Emma Caulfield) who has had a timer since she was young. It is almost a family tradition, and a part of adolescence that she has missed because her timer isn’t ticking. One day, she meets a checkout guy at a supermarket (Amedori), who has a timer. Oona isn’t usually the type that has flings: she only dates men who don’t have timers because that means that they are potentially her soulmate. When she brings them to the Timer store, and they get their timer, they are never synced up with Oona. I hope you’re still following me here. The whole moral of the story is: if you could know who your soulmate was, would you want to know? It is a question that Caulfield and Amedori’s characters struggle to answer throughout the film. Definitely a comedy with sentimental value. And the movie leaves you with a question: would you want the ability to know who your soulmate is? Comment below and let me know what you think.

A Pretty Little Liar

Although I watch the hit ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars, this post is not about it. Sorry to disappoint. Instead, it’s about a pretty little liar. Confused? I’ll explain.

One Nexflix day, I came across a movie called Hey Hey It’s Esther Blueburger. She’s a girl from Australia who just can’t really seem to fit in, partially because of her awkward appearance, partially because she seems to be one of the few Jews. Esther (Danielle Catanzariti) befriends Sunni (Keisha Castle-Hughes) who then convinces her to take a risk and change her life. Here comes the liar part of this: she pulls off this tremendous lie to her parents saying that she’s going to her school everyday, when actually, she’s sneaking off to another. Eventually, Esther starts spending the night at Sunni’s house, whose mother (Toni Collette) is the polar opposite of her own: laid back, cool, and fun. This coming of age story follows Esther in her new school; she grows up way too fast and does too many things to fit in. But in the end, she figures everything out.

School is a “Vicious Kind”

As I’m absorbing the last few hours of vacation, the idea of going back to school tomorrow is becoming more and more dreadful. I’m in a horrible mood. Getting back finals, studying for new tests, learning new material? No thank you. But, as I am a student, I can’t really protest. I also need to make sure my grades don’t drop. Otherwise, bye-bye college. I’m in a totally torn position. I don’t want to go but I have to. Hence, my summary of my next Netflix Watch Instantly recommendation: The Vicious Kind.

One night, bored (as I am most), I was skimming through the Netflix list. I sometimes click on actors’/ actress’ names as I did with Anton Yelchin (click here) and see what other movies they were in. This happened with Brittany Snow. I had always seen her in upbeat, romcom types of movies. Well, I was mistaken and blinded by her talent. This movie follows an insomniac named Caleb (an AMAZING performance by Adam Scott) who is separated from his father (J.K. Simmons) due to their differences. Caleb picks up his little brother, Peter (Alex Frost), from school with his new girlfriend Emma (Snow) to bring them home for Thanksgiving Break. You really get into Caleb’s head and eventhough he does everything wrong, you want him to come through in the end. This movie is not an uplifting chick flick that I was used to seeing Brittany Snow in, but it definitely introduced me to Adam Scott’s talent. You have to see this. It’s really fantastic.

You can probably see that the depressing plot line coincides with my mood right now. Good night for now, to anyone who’s listening.

Flaky, Crispy Palmiers

You don’t have to doubt this one bit. These turned out SO well! I actually halved the recipe but followed the rest of the instructions. They were tiny and bite-sized. So perfect for the party I was going to!

Recipe courtesy of: Lol Foodie

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