School is a “Vicious Kind”

As I’m absorbing the last few hours of vacation, the idea of going back to school tomorrow is becoming more and more dreadful. I’m in a horrible mood. Getting back finals, studying for new tests, learning new material? No thank you. But, as I am a student, I can’t really protest. I also need to make sure my grades don’t drop. Otherwise, bye-bye college. I’m in a totally torn position. I don’t want to go but I have to. Hence, my summary of my next Netflix Watch Instantly recommendation: The Vicious Kind.

One night, bored (as I am most), I was skimming through the Netflix list. I sometimes click on actors’/ actress’ names as I did with Anton Yelchin (click here) and see what other movies they were in. This happened with Brittany Snow. I had always seen her in upbeat, romcom types of movies. Well, I was mistaken and blinded by her talent. This movie follows an insomniac named Caleb (an AMAZING performance by Adam Scott) who is separated from his father (J.K. Simmons) due to their differences. Caleb picks up his little brother, Peter (Alex Frost), from school with his new girlfriend Emma (Snow) to bring them home for Thanksgiving Break. You really get into Caleb’s head and eventhough he does everything wrong, you want him to come through in the end. This movie is not an uplifting chick flick that I was used to seeing Brittany Snow in, but it definitely introduced me to Adam Scott’s talent. You have to see this. It’s really fantastic.

You can probably see that the depressing plot line coincides with my mood right now. Good night for now, to anyone who’s listening.


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