A Pretty Little Liar

Although I watch the hit ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars, this post is not about it. Sorry to disappoint. Instead, it’s about a pretty little liar. Confused? I’ll explain.

One Nexflix day, I came across a movie called Hey Hey It’s Esther Blueburger. She’s a girl from Australia who just can’t really seem to fit in, partially because of her awkward appearance, partially because she seems to be one of the few Jews. Esther (Danielle Catanzariti) befriends Sunni (Keisha Castle-Hughes) who then convinces her to take a risk and change her life. Here comes the liar part of this: she pulls off this tremendous lie to her parents saying that she’s going to her school everyday, when actually, she’s sneaking off to another. Eventually, Esther starts spending the night at Sunni’s house, whose mother (Toni Collette) is the polar opposite of her own: laid back, cool, and fun. This coming of age story follows Esther in her new school; she grows up way too fast and does too many things to fit in. But in the end, she figures everything out.


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