They call it mellow yellow

Saturdays are usually my baking days. I don’t have school work (I postpone that until Sunday night). I always find time out of my day to bake a little something for my family to enjoy, and there is usually enough to bring to my friends Monday morning. Today, I decided to make something for my sister and me to have with coffee this afternoon. This recipe was very easy with ingredients that were pretty much all at home. Mine didn’t turn out perfectly, but the taste was still in tact. Here are some things to remember before you begin this recipe:

-I used a total of 6 lemons. So, make sure you have them handy. Also, make sure to was the lemons before you zest them, seeing as lemon zest is a major part of this dish. Also, zest before juicing. Then, you can use fewer lemons in all.
-I made one bundt cake, although the recipe calls for 2 loafs. Make sure that the toothpick comes out COMPLETELY cleanly. I made this mistake. I thought it was good enough so I took it out to sit. After it had cooled for a while, I flipped it over onto a rack so that I could brush on the syrup. Not only did it fall apart, but it was still a bit raw. I stuck it back in the oven and it turned out fine, but don’t make the same mistake that I did!
-I needed more than 4-6 tablespoons for the glaze, so make sure that you have enough lemons to add a little more just in case you need it.

That’s about it. Enjoy! PS I didn’t have my camera handy so I apologize for the poor picture quality. I had to use my Blackberry!

Recipe courtesy of Sweet Pea’s Kitchen via Tastespotting

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10 thoughts on “They call it mellow yellow

  1. Oh no! I hate that it did not come out very well. 😦 However, I am glad that you enjoyed the pieces that did come out! This is such a great recipe, you should try it again with the loaf pans. It is one of my favorites! 🙂

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