16 to Life

As you will find out from reading my blog, when it comes to procrastinating, I go for Netflix. My freshman roommate and I had a running joke about it. She’d ask me what I was doing and I’d always say, “Watching a random movie I found on Netflix,” with a guilty look on my face. Did it do wonders for my social life to stay in my room cooped up watching movies? Probably not. But, I can’t get enough of the indie movies I come across, as well as the classics I never got the chance to see. This was one of the firsts: 16 to Life. It’s a charming story about a girl on her 16th birthday. With tones of Never Been Kissed, this movie chronicles the day as Kate (Hallee Hirsh) reads about China, plays matchmaker, and ponders her inexperience in love, all while waiting on customers at the small diner-like shop on the lake. This movie is sweet, funny, and a must see on a lonely day!


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