Skins, the British One

When The O.C. and Gossip Girl were THE shows to be watching, I wouldn’t conform, claiming that I thought they were pointless. When Harry Potter was all the rage, I didn’t want to read the books (much to my future regret). And when all of my friends in high school became obsessed with Skins, I wouldn’t tune in. But this weekend, I discovered how addicting the TV show really is and spent the majority of the rainy days catching up on what I’d been missing.

This show is as addicting as all of the drugs and alcohol that the college aged characters do. You quickly realize that the episodes are about a group of about 10 university students in England. The protagonist changes each episode. You quickly figure out who your favorites of the friends are (mine were Sid and Cassie). There are a lot of plot lines to this show – from falling in love with your friend’s girlfriend, to obsessive compulsiveness, to virginity, to selling and taking lots of drugs, to pregnancy. The number of dramatic things that these kids are going through is endless. And that only makes the show that much more addicting. I just finished season 2 where the original cast just ended and the show will now focus one of their little sisters and her friends. As far as trashy, racy teenage TV shows go, this is one of the captivating.

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