Away with the summer days

There’s that period of time when there is a visible change in the seasons just by the availability of certain foods in the grocery store. Endless cartons of sweet strawberries and ripe melons available just a few weeks ago have been replaced with crisp, fall apples and pumpkins.

My friends and I had a quiet weekend of shopping at the outlets, releasing me of some of the cabin fever I’ve been feeling in Elon, N.C. It was recently fall break, and I’m missing New York and city life more than ever. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to have a family dinner for my apartment. Picking out one of the last good zucchinis and welcoming some McIntosh apples, we were able to hang out, all four of us, for the first time in what seems like the first weekend of school. Whether it was the distraction of boyfriends or going home for the weekend, it seems like we can never come together. But this weekend, we ate our homemade meal in front of Hocus Pocus on ABC Family. And I realized something: even if I’m not home in New York with my family, the families you make are just as crazy, just as loud, and most importantly, just as loving.

Zucchini chips were supposed to be our appetizer, but since I hadn’t read the recipe in detail and didn’t realize they’d take an hour and a half, they became part of our meal. They were crunchy, salty, and a delicious alternative to a typical fried potato chip since they’re baked with no oil.

Recipe via Pinterest courtesy of Vittles and Bits



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