Iseley Farms

I take a class at Elon that is basically a media software class. We learn everything from Photoshop to how to use a microphone. We had an assignment to create a photo story with captions, edit them on Photoshop, and upload them onto a web gallery. I decided to go to a farm nearby, Iseley Farms, and had an experience that I’ll never forget. I went to the farm with my roommate expecting to take pictures of the pumpkins and store. That’s where I began: after taking pictures of rows of pumpkins, I realized there wasn’t much substance to the pictures. I went into the store and took pictures of the produce that they offered. Still not too great. As I was paying for the pumpkins, indian corn, and jam we bought, I ran into Sandy, one of the farmers. I asked her questions about the history and the farm in general, and she told me that they are organic and the land is protected by law for generations to come. When I told Sandy that I was from New York City, she insisted on showing my the animals about 100 ft away from the main farm. There were cows and calves in one section. Sandy told me a great story. A few days prior, a heifer had twin calfs but rejectedone of them. The farm took care of the neglected calf, but if the mother didn’t warm up to it soon, they would have trouble. A few days later, a heifer gave birth to a still-born calf. Though she was mourning the loss of her baby, the farm decided to try to introduce the neglected calf to the cow. She took it under its wing as if it was her own. Islsey Farms has strawberry picking opportunities in the spring and early summer. I bought some of the jam made with Iseley Farms strawberries and have never tasted such sweet, natural tasting jam in my life. If you are ever in the Greensboro area of North Carolina, I highly suggest you drive the 30 minutes to Iseley Farm to witness everything this working farm has to offer.



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