Gone, Gone, Gone

First things first, I want to mention that the title of this post is not only because of this post’s subject, but also because I’ve had Phillip Phillips’ new album playing on repeat since Thanksgiving, and I have no intention of taking it off any time soon. He’s perfect.

K, done obsessing. Moving on.

It’s that time of year. Finals have started, Christmas lights are up, got my visa. I’m about to start a semester in one of my favorite cities: Paris. Not only will I be joining my sister and seeing the beauty of the city through her eyes, but I will also be one step closer to becoming fluent in French.

Emy and me

But with every beginning comes an ending. It’s bittersweet. I’m looking forward to having one of the most amazing experiences of my life. But what I’m leaving behind makes my heart ache just a little bit.


Elon’s grown on me. It’s not fast-paced like my home city. People are kinder. People are patient. I’ve made lifetime friends. I’m my truest, fullest, most independent self. All of these aspects and more add to the difficulty of tearing myself away from here.

The gang             MK and Me

The best way I know how to show my love is through food. My mom has been doing it my entire life, and I think that it’s the best way of showing someone you really care. It’s homemade, thought out, and from the heart. What more should a gift be? So, for my amazing, loving, fun, and supportive roommates, I whipped up a Friday-night dinner just to show them how much I love them. We’re all having a hard time adjusting to the idea that I’ll be gone. One of them and I joke about the fact that I’m just going to be gone to the grocery store getting some milk. But we know that in about a week and a half, I’ll be headed to New York and then France.

So this one’s for Elon and my great friends there. I’ll be seeing you.

Recipe for pesto by Pioneer Woman via Kevin & Amanda
Recipe for bruschetta via Simply Recipes

IMG_3244             IMG_3243


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