Paris Coat Weather

It’s freezing. Whether I’m stepping out to run downstairs to our Franprix for a bag of flour or going out for the whole day, I need to bundle up as if preparing to trek the Alps. And from what I see on my Facebook newsfeed, North Carolina and New York aren’t much better.

Something I love about France is people’s accommodation of fashion and warmth. It’s a long way from North Carolina; frat parties are attended in tiny dresses and rarely even a jacket from the fear of misplacing it or having it drowned in cheap beer. The women here in Paris are fearless; they wear 5 inch heeled boots in the snow while donning a fur vest underneath an insulated coat.

Parisian women are the proof that you should never sacrifice fashion for warmth. It’s something I’m learning slowly but surely and hope I can instill on those cold, frat-party nights at Elon come 2014.

Here are some suggestions for all different fashion senses. Keep warm!

Paris Coat Weather

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