A Foodie’s Dream

10 pavilions dedicated to food.

Floorplan of the Salon

Floorplan of the Salon

That was my day this past Friday. Though we only made it to 3 of the floors at the Salon d’Agriculture, it was well worth the exhausting experience.

The Salon d’Agriculture is a major event in Paris; people from all around the country of France flock to the Parc d’Exposition in the 15ème to view the agricultural fair. France has historically been – and still is to this day – a country centered around its agriculture. Each region specializes in certain products or style of cultivating them. For example, chèvre from the Loire Valley is much different than chèvre from Auvergne.

With samples at almost every booth and lots of opportunities to purchase fresh food, the Salon was a great opportunity to view how important food really is to the French people. Yes, Paris is famous for its restaurants, chefs, and its classics. But to many French people, food is a means of living. They pride themselves on their products and promise and deliver perfection every time.

Plus, they had piglets!


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