From Paris to Berlin

Post 2 of the Spring Break recap. Here’s Berlin. Up next, Praha!

I was told before going to Berlin that it’s definitely a different city. It’s not quaint  in the way Paris or Rome are. It’s much more modern; the distances on the map seem close but 20 minutes of walking later, you realize how wrong you were. We were also there in the bitter cold which might have put a damper on my experience. What I did love though was all of the history associated with the city. I love learning about World War II, so this city was Mecca in that sense. It was definitely emotionally exhausting, but very interesting to see what steps Germany has taken to acknowledge its history.

Best Drink: Mein Haus am See for a really cool set-up- Stadium seating against the back wall and lots of couches throughout the place; Also, CCCP Bar– We went on a night with a great DJ spinning 50s-70s vinyls.

Best Food: You have to try Curry Wurst for an experience you’ll never forget. Also, Max & Moritz for really great German food. Wienerschnitzel there is the best. Also, sandwiches at Luigi Zuckermann Deli.

Need to See: Brandenburg Tower; Holocaust Memorial; German Historical Museum; Berlin Cathedral; Reichstag; vintage shops


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