My Favorite French Films

It’s been a while since I’ve written about the “Netflix” side of this blog. It’s definitely been a withdrawal experience not being able to log on and watch a new film whenever I want. But it’s also made me more open to a different movie experience.

I’m taking two French Cinema classes here in Paris, introducing me to legends like Godard and Truffaut. I also tune in every once in a while to French cable (which, let me just tell you, is nothing like it is in America. Good luck finding anything to watch that doesn’t involve politics or old episodes of NCIS dubbed in French). In my time here, I’ve opened up to various genres of films and have found some all-time favorite movies.

Here are some of my favorite French films, from romantic comedies to a World War II Nazi story to a classic about a misunderstood French boy. I also threw in 2 movies that are mostly English but set in France. Listening to a language that’s not your first 24/7 is tiring; you have to have a little break every once in while!

My Favorite French Films

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