Joyeuses Pâques

Easter in France, like many religious holidays, is not as much about going to church as it is about spending time with loved ones and – of course – eating.

Everywhere you go in Paris, pastels, bunnies, and chickens greet you. Instead of pastel M&Ms, you can indulge in some mini egg-shaped Kinders.

Chocolate bunny

Chocolate bunny..sorry about your ears, Bud

Nest treats

Nest treats

My friends and I headed over to Stohrer (the home of the nests above) in the 2nd arrondissement for some wandering on the Rue Montorgueil a few days before Easter. Even with the entire street packed, it seemed that everybody in France came to this one bakery. With a line like that out the door and a date of establishment from the 18th century, you know this place has got to be good.


Stohrer box

I heard about Stohrer from a link I found on Pinterest with the best sweets to try in Paris. It apparently has the best Puits d’Amour, or wells of love.

Delicately in their box

Delicately in their box

“Wells” are exactly what they are; when you break open their caramelized top crust, there is a well of cream waiting for you. The best way for me to describe this dessert, besides drool-worthily delicious, was that it’s like a mini crème brûlée with a flaky crust on the bottom. What could be so bad about that?

Stohrer Puit d'amour

Stohrer Puit d'amour

If you’re in the second arrondissement definitely pick up one of these treats. Oh, and don’t forget a flaky, dense, buttery croissant while you’re there.

51, Rue Montorgueil, 75002


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