El Guacamole

My mom is a no-nonsense mom. You’re crying? There must be blood. You’re whining? You must be seriously mistaken unless you want to go sit in the car. You’re not eating what’s on your plate? You’ll eat it, and you’ll like it.

One thing that I think is super important to expose your children to at a young age is different kinds of food. When you go to a play-date, a cocktail party, or a work function, it is important to always find something to eat. When we were little, whether it was MacDonald’s, Chinese food, or Indian food, we always found something.

One of my favorites will always be Mexican (and Tex Mex – what can I say, I’m American).
El Guacamole in Paris satisfied every craving I was feeling for Mexican food. It’s a tiny taco bar that has only tacos and burritos. Three tacos and one Mexican beer was 14€, and in a city like Paris, that’s a steal. The staff was so friendly, and the food was exactly what I wanted. If you’re in the need for Mexican food in Paris, this is a must!

Madeline’s Menu:
-Entree of guacamole to share
-Caramelo (carne asada + cheese)
-Sincronizada (quesadilla + chorizo)
-Puerco en salsa verde (pork + tomatillo sauce)
-Corona (don’t forget to ask for a wedge of citron vert, or lime)


El Guacamole
37 Rue Yves Toudic, 75010
(PS Thanks to Alex and her iPhone for the pictures!)




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