Eggs in Purgatory

I love tomato sauce (or “gravy” as my dad would correct me) many different ways, including but not limited to: tangy, cheesy, cherry tomatoey, spicy, chunky, smooth.

It’s is one of those things every Italian girl tries to master. It’s an essential in the kitchen. My mom would make a vat big enough to swim in every Sunday, and for the rest of the week, if we had nothing else to eat or just needed a little snack, it was there for us.

Hot antipasto

Flashback to hot antipasto baked in my mom’s tomato sauce at Christmas

So when my sister was running late and needed me to throw something together for dinner, she recommended I just made a pot of tomato sauce. Simple right? Confession: I’d never made it before. Why tamper with something my mom makes just so perfectly?

I loosely followed my sister’s recipe here, adding a can of tomato paste as per her additional instructions. I didn’t want to leave it there though. With a little extra dried basil, a splash of red wine, and a garlic clove, I made it my own.

It turned out deliciously. It was tangy, tomatoey, and just chunky enough (an immersion blender is key).

The next day, I made eggs in purgatory for lunch.

Runny egg + crunchy toast + creamy goat cheese + tangy sauce = bliss.

eggs in purgatory

eggs in purgatory


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