Sunday, Monday, Happy Days

It’s amazing what a bit of good weather will do for your mood. Any stress you feel is momentarily cast aside so you can enjoy a bit of time out in the fresh air soaking up some Vitamin D.

That’s why with the recent weather change in Paris, I’ve been having a hard time staying indoors with the three papers I have to write. As much as I usually put my schoolwork above everything else, it’s only 74 degrees in Paris every so often.

Here are some of my suggestions for what to do on a beautiful Paris day like what we had yesterday and are presumably having for the rest of the week. Enjoy, and don’t sweat the small stuff. Go out and enjoy the sunshine!

  • Paris has numerous parks and gardens – from the Luxembourg Gardens and the Tuileries to Monceau and Buttes Chaumont. You can wander endlessly, then linger in the grass with a picnic of cheese, bread, and wine. The only trouble you’ll run into is trying to find a patch of grass not already taken!
Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens

Parc Montsouris

Parc Montsouris

  • The Place des Vosges in the heart of the Marais (the Jewish quarter) is the perfect place to spend part of your day. After shopping in boutiques, stuffing your face with falafel, or just doing endless walking, the Place des Vosges is the perfect place to put up your feet and relax. It’s been around since Henry IV and Catherine di Medici; with a birthdate like that, it’s got to be worth your while!


  • “Walks along the Seine” is more than just a lyric from “Our Last Summer” by Abba. Taking a walk along the famous river is the perfect way to spend the day with someone you can talk to for ages. And if you run out of space to walk and still have things to say? Swing around and walk back up the other side! It’s a great way to see numerous tourist spots, too! If you’re looking for something a bit less touristy and a bit more chill, try the Canal Saint Martin for a similar activity with a different vibe.

Pont des Arts across the Seine, looking onto the Louvre

  • Visit a local market! Paris is covered in open-air markets in all different neighborhoods. From the more famous ones to the ones just around your corner, these markets are a great way to pick up some groceries, talk to some real French artisans, and enjoy the weather.


  • Lastly, if all you want to do is sit in one place but still enjoy the outside weather, you’re in luck. Sitting outside in Paris is not only a past-time but also a hobby; people watching, eating, drinking, laughing, what could be better?



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