Pizza Crust: Healthified

After a winter of hibernating with boeuf bourguignon and toasty baguette with goat cheese, there comes a time where you have to detox.

crust        Crust

My sister and I (much to the dismay of her beef-loving boyfriend) have been on a serious veggie binge. Even though the vegetables are not even at their peak yet, after a winter of nothing, they taste like candy to our deprived taste buds.

Pre-cooked pizza

Veggie-pizza was one of the items on our menu for the week. In lieu of a wheat-heavy pizza crust, I suggested that we stray from the norm and try something I found on Pinterest: “doughless” cauliflower pizza crust.


The recipe came from Lauren Conrad’s website and worked really well, though the crust never got too crispy, to my dismay. Next time, I think I’ll used  processed mozzarella in a bag instead of the kind that comes in a ball- I think the liquid from the cheese might have been a factor in the mushy crust. All in all, though this pizza is nothing like a triangular slice you can grab on a New York street, the cauliflower-based crust was the perfect base for pesto and roasted veggies.

*Don’t forget to spray your pan, even if you use aluminum foil like I did. Also, grab a fork and knife, because this crust will not hold up to gravity like a wheat one will!

Recipe via Pinterest courtesy of Lauren Conrad



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