American Summer

This summer has been a constant road trip. Whether it’s the trips between the city and the beach, a weekend in Rhode Island, or an upcoming weekend in Boston, I’m pretty much always on the road or thinking about having to leave my current place.


Though I’m loving my summer internship (and my office’s refrigerating A/C), spending days in Westhampton are the days I cherish most. I can usually be found at the pool in the backyard, at the beach, or in the kitchen/heart of my house. I feel super lucky to be able to cherish these days out here and escape the hot and sticky NYC summer days.


Independence Day Weekend was the longest chunk of time I’ve spent in WHB all summer – 5 straight days of beach, pool, tanning, and delicious eating. I’m heading back into the city today, and I’m happy to have these photos to remind me of the relaxing weekend I was able to enjoy.

purple and yellow


fried chicken for the 4th



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