Chocolate-Dipped Palmiers

It’s funny how so much can change in just one year.

Fall semester of my sophomore year, I was yearning for my Spring in Paris, not fully allowing myself to get involved because I knew that soon, I’d be off in the City of Lights. I was under-involved and bored.

chocolate dipped palmiers 2

Now, I’m probably too involved in my academics and school activities.  I never have a free moment, but when I get to incorporate relaxation into my crazy schedule, I jump on the chance. The “me-time” this week? Baking for my school’s Org Fair.

chocolate dipped palmiers

For the French Club booth (a way that I always hope will transplant me back into the 15ème, drinking du vin with mes amies and taking les balades by the Canal St. Martin), I baked palmiers, also known as elephant ear cookies. Until I actually get to go back to my deuxième home, these will have to suffice.

chocolate dipped palmiers 1

Recipe via Pepperidge Farm


2 thoughts on “Chocolate-Dipped Palmiers

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