Serving Life

*When my computer stalks my online shopping tendencies and taunts me in the form of Modcloth Facebook ads, I usually freak out. But I love that my new Netflix’s user profile picks up on my movie-watching habits! So long to suggestions for other members who use my account!*

Is it weird that I love prison and psychiatric movies?

From Girl, Interrupted to Shawshank Redemption, for some reason, I can’t get enough. I love getting into the characters’ often elusive and complex mindsets.

Serving Life is an eye-opening story about second chances. At a Louisiana prison notorious for occupants with long sentences, the warden emphasizes a program in which inmates take care of prisoners in hospice care. It’s a voluntary program with a selective application process, and the positions are coveted.

Courtesy of AOL TV

One prisoner had been pre-med before his sentencing. Another had been in-and-out of jail since stints in juvie. But no matter what the background, the cycle of watching a fellow prisoner die in hospice has a profound effect on each volunteer. They find purpose in their lives again and chip away at the guilt that haunts them in the stone cold halls of prison.

You’ll smile, laugh, and cry through this documentary guided by the soothing voice of Forest Whitaker. Be sure to add this one to your ” List,” (another new Netflix feature that’s like bookmarking).

Suggestions? Comment below with any suggestions for documentaries/ movies you think I should check out!


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