Simple Snacking

College is all about making your own choices. From deciding whether or not to go out to going to the library to get an early start on an assignment, choices are present every day. One I make daily: food at all-access dining halls.

Growing up, there was always a huge salad on the table and 1-2 other veggies to accompany the meal. Rarely would I be able to get a second serving of protein or pasta because of the asparagus or string beans that were just within arm’s reach. Coming to college, there are second and third helpings of everythingWhile I steer clear of grazing, setting out some time within meals to have an apple or a yogurt stops me from overindulging at the all-you-can-eat dining halls. Since I’m not starving but sufficiently hungry by the time dinner comes along, I rack up as many veggies as I can to stop  from grabbing fries or pizza.

Here are my tips for some delicious and cost-effective snacks that I always have on hand to keep me going throughout the day. What are your go-to snacks?Simple Snacks


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