Ultimate Ginger Cookies

Beware: the ultimate winter cookie is coming your way.

I successfully flew home on Thursday evening well before the amazing snow storm that hit New York on Saturday. It made me feel like a kid again. Though the prolonged fall-like weather in North Carolina is well worth it at times, I hadn’t witnessed a true snow since high school. This certainly changed that.

Ultimate Ginger Cookies | netflix & nutella

My family has gone through some changes this past year. We’ll be spending the holidays somewhere new, which is altogether exciting and a tad bittersweet. But the white-covered trees and these ginger cookies bring me back to being a kid, comforting me and allowing me to resort to some of the forgotten pleasures. Stepping on freshly snow on the sidewalk will always provide the most perfect crunch. Like the outside of these cookies before reaching the gooey inside.

Whether with a glass of milk, a warm cup of coffee, or on its own after a long evening, these cookies will warm you up inside and out.

Ultimate Ginger Cookies | netflix & nutella

Recipe courtesy of Ina Garten (I didn’t have molasses so used the same measurement of honey. They were slightly less gooey than the last time I made this recipe, but just as delicious.)

Ultimate Ginger Cookies | netflix & nutella


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