A Day in Carrboro

After a little while back at school, cabin fever is always expected. It’s nice to be able to head off campus – if only just for the afternoon – to experience something a bit new and exciting. I went to Carrboro, a town near Chapel Hill and not too far from my school, for coffee and lunch with my friend. The outing was much appreciated after a long week of school, and we discovered two amazing spots.

First, Open Eye Cafe. It’s attached to Carrboro Coffee Roasters and serves one of the best cups of coffee you can find. There’s plenty of seating though most tables are taken by computer-dwelling students. Not to worry though – there’s plenty of comfy chairs for a quicker stay.


Latte at Open Eye Cafe


Right next door is a Neal’s Deli, a small spot with enough outdoor seating for you to eat your sandwich and enjoy the weather. The pastrami on rye with mustard was most recommended on Yelp, and it did not disappoint. The oil and vinegar potato salad was the perfect side, and it brought me right back to the Upper West Side.

Neal's and Open Eye Cafe in Carrboro  Pastrami on rye at Neal's Deli Pastrami on rye at Neal's Deli

Potato Salad at Neal's Deli


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