Birthday Reflection

“Inferior people talk about others,
average people talk about things,
superior people talk about ideas. ”
– My very wise grandfather

Age is a weird thing. My mid-July birthday would always mark the beginning of the end of the summer. After the chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting came back-to-school shopping, ripe peaches and – before I knew it – Labor Day.

With each birthday that passes, I long for the carefree days of being an innocent kid, when life was good because of a simple cupcake for a friend’s birthday or staying up an extra hour past bedtime.

I’ve also realized how much you can miss people as years go by. Whether it’s grandparents that I had the chance to meet but with whom the time ended too soon, or for the one who I’ll never meet but only know from stories, photographs and sayings like the one above. As I turn a year older next week, I hope I can still learn from my grandfather. I’m lucky to take a shortcut and reap the benefits of his wisdom, which surely came from years and years of experiences.

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