My Favorite French Films

It’s been a while since I’ve written about the “Netflix” side of this blog. It’s definitely been a withdrawal experience not being able to log on and watch a new film whenever I want. But it’s also made me more open to a different movie experience.

I’m taking two French Cinema classes here in Paris, introducing me to legends like Godard and Truffaut. I also tune in every once in a while to French cable (which, let me just tell you, is nothing like it is in America. Good luck finding anything to watch that doesn’t involve politics or old episodes of NCIS dubbed in French). In my time here, I’ve opened up to various genres of films and have found some all-time favorite movies.

Here are some of my favorite French films, from romantic comedies to a World War II Nazi story to a classic about a misunderstood French boy. I also threw in 2 movies that are mostly English but set in France. Listening to a language that’s not your first 24/7 is tiring; you have to have a little break every once in while!

My Favorite French Films

My Savory French Faves

French restaurants may be difficult to navigate; there are bistros, brasseries, cafés, etc. In Paris, you want to steer clear from anything that’s not French; don’t order pasta at a café unless you want soggy, mushy noodles. Don’t order a burger unless you’re at a pub. Instead, pick one of the suggestions below. They are French classics that almost every restaurant will offer. Embrace the cheese coated and egg-topped dishes while you can. Even in the most random of cafés, you could eat some of the best roasted chicken and frites of your life. Trust me, it’s happened.

My Savory French Faves

Comfort Foods: Mac & Cheese

My sister is an amazing cook. Whether it’s jambalaya, pork roast, or, one of my new favorites, chausson, she never ceases to outdo herself.

At home, I’m used to eating a variety of italian or French foods from my personal chef, my mom. I’m trying to convince her to jar her homemade tomato sauce, which, in my opinion, is worth a million bucks.

It’s a rare occasion that I make a meal for myself; if I did, it would probably lack a certain je ne sais quoi. I love to cook and bake, but as my sister has often pointed out, I’m one to follow a recipe. This probably comes from my lack of experience testing around in the kitchen, throwing in a bit of this and a pinch of that.

I’ve never invented a recipe, but adding onto something that I’ve previously had or REinventing something is a feat that I feel I could accomplish. Mac & cheese is one of the simplest classics from my childhood. As I start to reinvent recipes, I’m sure I’ll take bits and pieces from the culinary geniuses in my life to make something that’s my own.

Below is a collage I made. I’m a neat freak and love when everything has a place. Polyvore lets me do just that, so expect many more collages in the future! For more information about these recipes, visit the links below.

Comfort Foods: Mac & Cheese