Weekly Roundup: June 22

Not only did I walk across the Brooklyn Bridge this weekend, but I saw and tasted a number of amazing things. Here were some of my favorite moments:

Brooklyn Bridge | netflix & nutella

View from the Brooklyn Bridge promenade

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory | netflix & nutella

The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, the cutest spot at the base of the bridge

Chocolate Chocolate Chunk ice cream | netflix & nutella

Chocolate Chocolate Chunk ice cream, my light at the end of the promenade tunnel

Yankee peanuts | netflix & nutella

Peanuts taste better out of a brown paper bag at a baseball game

John's of Bleecker | netflix & nutella

My #2 favorite pizza in New York at John’s of Bleecker

Icey | netflix & nutella

“Icies,” as we called them, bring me right back to being a kid. And it’s the only thing in my neighborhood that’s still $1



Summer in the City: Tourist Things I’ve Never Done

I can’t decide if I’m a good New Yorker or a bad New Yorker for having never visited these New York hotspots. But nonetheless, here’s a list that I’ll attempt to get through before the end of the summer:

1) Ellis Island – After a family heritage project, I became obsessed with knowing everything about my heritage. My school gives students free access to Ancestry.com, and I was able to trace back the journeys of my Italian, Irish and Portuguese relatives. I want to go to see the documents in person with my dad, if I can.

Ellis Island | netflix & nutella

2) Empire State Building – Secretly just hoping to find a backpack with a teddy bear named Howard.

Empire State Building | netflix & nutella

3) Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge – I’ve driven across it, but never walked. Such a depressing confession, but, unfortunately, a true one.

Brooklyn Bridge| netflix & nutella

4) Ridden the Staten Island Ferry – Again for a cinematic moment – I’m just hoping it’ll result in some strong Staten Island Iced TeasMy hair hurts.

Staten Island ferry | netflix & nutella

5) Go to the Statue of Liberty – Speaking of ferries, I’ve been on the Cruise Line which swings around the Statue of Liberty. But I’ve never actually been to Lady Liberty herself.

Statue of Liberty | netflix & nutella

Gulp. I’m ready for judgement that will come my way. Also ready to make some changes to my New Yorker anti-tourist attraction mentality.