Backyard Adventures

We had a jungle gym in the backyard of my house for most of my childhood. There were swings, a slide, this egg-shaped punching bag thing whose purpose we never really knew. Whenever we’d play with my brother, it was a pirate ship with a lookout. With my sister, more often than not it was a castle, and we were princesses being held captive.

I came to Paris with the intention of getting the opportunity to travel to places I’ve never been. Prague, Berlin, and Bologna are high on my list. But when I got here, I realized how much there really is available to me in my own “backyard.” I’ve booked a trip through my university to go to Bordeaux and St. Emilion in late April and am SO excited. But until then, I’m making a list of places in France that won’t break the bank, will take me away from Paris for only a day, and give me the opportunity to relive my childhood adventures and pretend I’m a princess in a French chateau.

Here are a couple of pictures from a trip last weekend to Fontainebleau. Hopefully, I’ll make it to more chateaux, historical villages, and food capitals soon!