Every February, I’ll be your Valentine.

I’ve been playing the Glee version of “Firework” too much this weekend on repeat. Since tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day, I decided to bake. Seeing as I have been extremely sick, had 5 hours of sleep 2 nights ago because I had to wake up for a Habitat for Humanity trip, and then babysat until 12:30 last night, I decided that a lazy day to myself was exactly what I needed. Lazy being the operative word. I went the Duncan Hines route today, but I’m really happy with the results. At school tomorrow, the seniors (me included) are meeting up with 4th graders. We have this kind of buddy system thing. But anyways, I made frosting filled cupcakes. They turned out so well! I watched this video to see how to do it. I didn’t even use a pastry bag for this. I did her cutting method. I’ll explain it step by step. Enjoy, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

1) Make the cupcakes of your choice. Let them cool completely.

2) Dye vanilla frosting color of choice. For this bubble gum pink color, I did 2 drops of dye for a little more than half of the container of frosting. Make sure that your frosting is NOT the whipped kind.

3) With a paring knife, cut a circle around the center of the cupcake at an inward angle.

Example of the cone shaped piece cutout

4) Put a small dollop of icing in the hole you made.

5) Put the lid bag on

6) Gently push down on all of the lids and immediately place in the freezer on a baking sheet (I used the one from my toaster). Leave for a few minutes.

A picture of the inside after a bite. The top got a little messed up because this one wasn't cold enough.

8) Frost the cupcakes. If you microwave the frosting in a measuring cup in 5 second intervals stir at the 5 second mark, it's easier to spread. The consistency should be slightly less than what it was in the container. Frost with a knife/back of a fork.