Monday Mélange: Flashback Fashion

As the New Year approaches, I’ve caught myself looking back on fashion. I could have easily been a flapper in the 20’s or a Jackie O. impersonator in the 60’s. Though it’s not always best to live in the past, what better time of year to remember the past than at the end of the present year.


1910s | Netflix and Nutella


1920s | Netflix and Nutella


1930s | Netflix and Nutella


1940s | Netflix and Nutella




1960s | Netflix and Nutella

Paris Coat Weather

It’s freezing. Whether I’m stepping out to run downstairs to our Franprix for a bag of flour or going out for the whole day, I need to bundle up as if preparing to trek the Alps. And from what I see on my Facebook newsfeed, North Carolina and New York aren’t much better.

Something I love about France is people’s accommodation of fashion and warmth. It’s a long way from North Carolina; frat parties are attended in tiny dresses and rarely even a jacket from the fear of misplacing it or having it drowned in cheap beer. The women here in Paris are fearless; they wear 5 inch heeled boots in the snow while donning a fur vest underneath an insulated coat.

Parisian women are the proof that you should never sacrifice fashion for warmth. It’s something I’m learning slowly but surely and hope I can instill on those cold, frat-party nights at Elon come 2014.

Here are some suggestions for all different fashion senses. Keep warm!

Paris Coat Weather

Les dessins

I find fashion to be an art. The designs are unique, the colors are captivating and the overall outcome means something. And like any piece of art, there are multiple steps the designer must take before achieving the masterpiece. My friend once took a class at FIT and taught me how to draw a clothing design. It’s much more intricate than it seems, but the results are beautiful.