We’ll Always Have Paris

As I’ve grown up, I’ve realized how quickly time flies. Not only am I stunned that I am already a sophomore in college (gulp), but I am that much closer to becoming a “real person” in the “real world.” It’s crazy how quickly time wastes away, and so does the limited amount of money that is dwindling in my bank account. People aren’t kidding when they talk about being a poor college student. That’s why I loved one of the pins I found this week; it captivates both of these things.


A dream box is an improved, more inspiring form of a piggy bank. You take any container – a box, a mason jar, an old vase – and put a picture on/ in it that inspires you. It’s supposed to be a cause of inspiration for you to save up. Since I am a double major with French at Elon University, I have to go abroad to a French-speaking country. Naturally, it would be my dream to live in Paris for a semester. So I took an old tin box in my house from a store called Fauchon in Paris. Every time I have spare change or am willing to make an investment, I’ll add a little money. The tin will remind me what it’s for and reinforce my desire to take money out to spend it on something like an iced coffee. I’d much rather save it and spend it on a macaroon in Paris than an iced coffee in America.

I was recently accepted into a program in Paris and will be off for the spring semester of this year. Whenever I get the urge to reach into my dream box, all I’ll have to remember is that soon, I’ll be in the City of Lights, thankful for this idea that came from a day of procrastination.