How To: Wear a Fur Jacket

I promise, I’ll get over this Polyvore spree soon enough.

Fur is the norm here in Paris. In New York, you may run the risk of PETA supporters throwing red paint on you à la Samantha from the Sex and the City movie. But in Paris, it’s a welcomed trend. I’ve always had a difficult time making an opinion about fur; I believe that it is cruel to kill animals just for fashion, but when thinking about all of the pieces that are already made with fur, it’s hard to think of them going to waste. I’m torn; your personal opinions on fur are welcome in the comment section!

I’ve been trying to find ways to wear fur jackets and couldn’t really find anything to my taste. I decided to put together this collage from two photos I found on Pinterest. When wearing a fur jacket, I really think you should let it do the talking and not go too crazy with other pieces you wear. These two options are subtle and would work for day-to-night outfits. Enjoy!

How To: Wear a Fur Jacket

Paris Coat Weather

It’s freezing. Whether I’m stepping out to run downstairs to our Franprix for a bag of flour or going out for the whole day, I need to bundle up as if preparing to trek the Alps. And from what I see on my Facebook newsfeed, North Carolina and New York aren’t much better.

Something I love about France is people’s accommodation of fashion and warmth. It’s a long way from North Carolina; frat parties are attended in tiny dresses and rarely even a jacket from the fear of misplacing it or having it drowned in cheap beer. The women here in Paris are fearless; they wear 5 inch heeled boots in the snow while donning a fur vest underneath an insulated coat.

Parisian women are the proof that you should never sacrifice fashion for warmth. It’s something I’m learning slowly but surely and hope I can instill on those cold, frat-party nights at Elon come 2014.

Here are some suggestions for all different fashion senses. Keep warm!

Paris Coat Weather