Weekly Roundup: July 7

With limited funds from an unpaid internship and a hungry appetite, I’ve found that most of my outings of consisted of food. Shocker. Here are my favorite moments from recent adventures:

Bar Primi | netflix & nutella

Bar Primi, from left to right:
Ricotta and spinach ravioli with lemon and asparagus
Lamb amatriciana
Spaghetti pomodoro

Central Park | netflix & nutella

Central Park never gets old

Meatball parm on a roll | netflix & nutella

Meatball parm on a roll at Parm

In-stagram-spiration | netflix & nutella

One of my favorite Parisian instagrams giving my travel inspiration

Dad-spiration | netflux & nutella

My dad’s newest painting, still in the works, which gives me inspiration to follow my passions at any time in my life


Tea Time in Paris

British culture has always been a shared passion among my family members (see this post for more on my obsession with Downton Abbey and Jane Austen). When I did a Eurotrip with one of my best friends before our freshman year of college, our last stop was London. We went to a proper English tea, and it’s been something I’ve been trying to do in Paris.

Scone and strawberry jam

The weather in Paris has been particularly gross, and the grayer the sky gets, the more my energy level/ attitude are affected. In an effort to get myself out of the apartment for a while, I headed over to Pain et Chocolat, a quaint place I found on Lost in Cheeseland.

Scone and strawberry jam, Pain et Chocolat

There weren’t many people there around 3:00pm, which probably had something to do with the weather and with the awkward timing. But after turning off my phone, I happily sat on the banquette with a book, sipping on a café crème and indulging in a scone and some strawberry jam. It’s as close as I’ve gotten to a proper English tea in Paris, and it satisfied every craving while bettering my lackluster mood.

Coffee, Pain et ChocolatScone and strawberry jam, Pain et Chocolat

Pain et Chocolat around the corner from where I take my classes, but I had never crossed its path. It’s funny how we tend to take the same routes to the same places every day. This little treasure is definitely going to entice me to get myself lost or take the long way home.

Pain et Chocolat
16, avenue de la Motte-Picquet, 75007