Monday Mélange: The Small Things

In the more stressful times – and in times where you don’t see things going your way – it is important to remember the little things. The smell of fresh rain on concrete, the taste of the first ice cream of the season, the moments you see loved ones succeed. I’m trying to remember to appreciate the good things instead of dwelling on the bad. Here are some ways I do that:

1) Indulge. It’s ok to have a crème brûlée every once in a while. It won’t kill me.

Crème Brûlée | netflix & nutella

Crème Brûlée for a French event

2) Nature. Appreciate the vibrance of the colors in nature this time of year, and don’t overlook the beauty and simplicity of all of the green.

All the small things | netflix & nutella

Flower from the Biltmore

3) Sunlight. Sunlight gives me an extra jolt of energy. Embrace sitting outside and away from technology.

All the small things | netflix & nutella

Greenhouse roof at the Biltmore

4) Simplicity. The Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina exude natural simplicity. It’s hard not to be completely wrapped up in its beauty.

All the small things | netflix & nutella

Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina

5) Hard work. My dad tells me it doesn’t matter where you go to school or who you know. Hard work is the most important thing you can do to achieve your goals.

Biltmore | netflix & nutella

Biltmore estate near Asheville