Mardi Gras

Fat Tuesday.

Masks from a trip to New Orleans 2 years ago

Masks from a trip to New Orleans 2 years ago

These words have rung in my head since I was a little girl. Every Mardi Gras, my mom would make breakfast for dinner –  fluffy pancakes, her famous homemade hash browns, bacon galore – in anticipation of the forty days of observance leading up to Easter. Resolutions usually consisted of giving up chocolate, which turned into a contest with my classmates of who could last the longest.

Similarly to Christmas, many Christian holidays turn from religious observance to something a bit more platonic. What used to be resolutions to devote yourself to God turn into New Years-type resolutions: easier to keep because they’re only 40 days, not 365. Though perhaps some of the religious connotation has been lost, Lent remains a time to acknowledge your faults and make resolutions to better yourself as a person in waiting for the resurrection of Jesus on Easter.

I’ll take this opportunity to focus on myself: walking (not metroing) around Paris as much as I can, snacking only on fruit, and having (gasp) only one cup of coffee per day.* But more than just cutting things out, I’ll be purposefully committing one selfless act every day, truly treating others the way I would want to be treated, and enjoying every moment that I’m here in Paris.

To prepare committing to our resolutions,my sister, her boyfriend, and I attended a pop-up brew pub with New Orleans flare. For just 3o€, we got 3 courses, 3 beers, and live Cajun music. It was the perfect way to spend a usually low Sunday in Paris and made us all want to pick up and move right down to the Bayou. Enjoy the pictures below, and happy Fat Tuesday! Eat up!

* Addendum: I did this last year, too, and I apologize in advance to anyone who crosses my path during the first couple of days.

Sunday Beer Lunch, New Orleans Menu:

-Mini Pimento Cheese Crackers
-Mini Muffuletta
-Mini Shrimp Remoulade
Beer: Saison Dupont


-Jambalaya with smoked chicken and cajun sausage)
Beer: Brooklyn East India Pale Ale


-Beignets with apricots and chicory sauce
Beer: Meantime Chocolate Porter


P.S.: Movie recommendations for this time of year include Chocolat (Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp living as outsiders in a small, pious French town during Lent) and The Princess and the Frog (for some Mardi Gras inspiration, Nawlens Style).