Monday Mélange: Everyday Vices

Rainy Mondays are just cruel. I woke up this morning to my alarm and could have sworn it was 5 a.m because it was that dark outside. But no – just a downpour. It’s days like this – and weeks like these – that make it really hard to stay focused and driven. With only about a month and a half of school left, I indulge in a few of my daily vices to keep me going:

1) Cupcakes. They’re pretty, always delicious, and make me smile. This past weekend, I was visiting friends from Paris in D.C. We stopped by Baked and Wired for one of D.C.’s most famous cupcakes. The long line moved pretty quickly, and even the memory of this strawberry cupcake is brightening my day.

Strawberry cupcake, Baked and Wired | netflix & nutella

2) Friday Night Lights. I fell in love with this show my senior year of high school, and rewatching it from the beginning is the perfect distraction. Riggins is so damaged but lovable, and I find myself easily falling in love with him again every episode. All the seasons are available on Netflix.

Friday Night Lights | netflix & nutella

3) New York State of Mind. I’m using one of my favorite websites, Serious Eats, to make a list of bakeries, restaurants, and bars I have to try this summer when I’m back in NY. I’m having serious cabin fever, so daydreaming of pizza, great baguette, and Shake Shack will do for now.

Serious Eats, NY | netflix & nutella

4) The Notebook. This soundtrack always puts me at ease and helps me focus on work.

5) Shopping. I can’t help it. After doing some spring cleaning, I’m realizing that having that same blouse from the 9th grade probably means it’s ok for me to do a little upgrading. Instead of splurging on 10 items at Forever 21, I’m trying to me more aware of the fact that being in my 20’s means investing in some essentials. So even though I get less bang for my buck, these classic pieces will last. P.S. Macy’s is having an awesome shoe sale… don’t mind if I do!

Steve Madden sandals | netflix & nutella

*The Food Network. It’s supplementary to the top 5 because – who am I kidding – nothing can compare. Even as background music to doing laundry, the Food Network makes me smile. What better vice is there?

Pioneer Woman | netflix & nutella

Confessions of a Savvy Shopaholic

I like to think of myself as a savvy shopper. I got a membership to BJ’s when I started having a kitchen at school to be able to stock up on boxes of pasta, cleaning supplies, etc. Some of my favorite stores are Forever 21 and the outlet malls near my school and my house. And of course, Targé.

Being in France, my occasional online shopping splurge is on a hiatus, which is probably a good thing for my wallet. I used to take to Pinterest to bookmark items I wanted but never thought I could bring myself to shell out $200 for. But I have discovered something that will create a happy medium between splurging and being a penny pincher for when I return to the states.

Hukkster is a website I came across via a recommendation from a friend. It’s a bookmarking website that will alert you when an item you’ve “hukked” is on sale. It also displays all of the items you’ve hukked on one neat page (helpful for me, a person who impulse buys after not considering an item and returns all too often).

Screen shot 2013-02-26 at 6.38.18 PM

I suggest this website to anyone who likes to rummage through sales bins or who likes to bookmark things to make sure you really REALLY want them (all while avoiding the ever-annoying emptying of a shopping cart).

Here’s a link to some things I’m coveting upon my return to the states, including some modest items for my internship this summer. What are the items you’re coveting for the spring/summer?

Screen shot 2013-02-26 at 6.38.32 PM