Monday Mélange: NYC To-Do List

After a long, stressful last few weeks of school, I’ve made it home to NYC in one piece. I had 3 bags – each packed to the brim – and a great year of memories, new friends and experiences to accompany me. For one of the first times of my life – excluding my days in Paris – I was more sad than excited to come home. This year was my best so far at school, and I wasn’t ready for it to end. I still don’t really feel like it’s over. For that reason, I’ve decided to occupy my mind in other ways.

After walking around my neighborhood and Central Park with my dad for a total of 4 hours, I realized how many New York moments I haven’t really experienced. So after compiling a list in my planner, I’ve decided to share the top 5 things on my New York to-do list for this summer.

1) Go to Coney Island. Not only do I want to visit the famous amusement park, I need to try to the original Nathan’s hot dog. For those of you who’ve seen Uptown Girls, you know the reaction I get when people have heard I’ve never been to either.

Nathan's Hot Dogs at Coney Island | Netflix & Nutella

Nathan’s Hot Dogs at Coney Island | Netflix & Nutella

2) Go to a Yankee game. Ok – so this I’ve done, but only twice and I’ve never gone with friends. Once I turn 21 in late-July, I’m looking forward to getting some $20 seats up in the nosebleeds and enjoy a game with some friends. This is how I’m imagining it:

Sex and the City at the Yankee game | Netflix & nutella

3) Go to NY’s free concerts. I’ve never been to one of the free concerts in Central Park, and after some research, I’m excited to see Ingrid Michaelson with Summer Stage and the New York Philharmonic’s concert featuring music from my favorite classical composer, Tchaikovsky, and Strauss.

NY Philharmonic in the Park | Netflix & nutella

NY Philharmonic in the Park | Netflix & nutella

4) Eat the city’s best chicken parm. After reading this article, I’ve been wanting to try Parm and have just never had the chance. It’s the perfect opportunity for me to bond with my brother and dad, as they will be the experienced judges to see if this chicken parm sandwich is truly the best.

Parm NYC | netflix & nutella

Parm NYC | netflix & nutella

5) Go to the HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival. Free movies in Byrant Park? You can ask how I’ve never done this before; I simply don’t have an answer. May or may not be most excited to see Blazing Saddles.

Blazing Saddles

Blazing Saddles

How To: Wear a Fur Jacket

I promise, I’ll get over this Polyvore spree soon enough.

Fur is the norm here in Paris. In New York, you may run the risk of PETA supporters throwing red paint on you à la Samantha from the Sex and the City movie. But in Paris, it’s a welcomed trend. I’ve always had a difficult time making an opinion about fur; I believe that it is cruel to kill animals just for fashion, but when thinking about all of the pieces that are already made with fur, it’s hard to think of them going to waste. I’m torn; your personal opinions on fur are welcome in the comment section!

I’ve been trying to find ways to wear fur jackets and couldn’t really find anything to my taste. I decided to put together this collage from two photos I found on Pinterest. When wearing a fur jacket, I really think you should let it do the talking and not go too crazy with other pieces you wear. These two options are subtle and would work for day-to-night outfits. Enjoy!

How To: Wear a Fur Jacket

If It Makes You Happy

Here’s a collage of things that make me smile. Happy Friday!

If It Makes You Happy

Indian Summer

“There is a time of year in New York when, even before the first leaf falls, you can feel the seasons click. The air is crisp, the summer is gone. And for the first night in a long time, you need a blanket on your bed.”
– Carrie Bradshaw

It’s funny how siblings can be so in sync even when they are over 4,000 miles away. Fall is my favorite season, and though it is still like Indian Summer in Elon, NC, I’m anxiously waiting the days when I can wear chunky sweaters and scarves carrying warm coffee and snuggling up to blankets. My sister, who writes Tomato Kumato, obviously feels the same way: she wrote about the same thing just this week.

Though she’s in Paris and I’m in Elon, I can’t help but love that we’re on the same page. This time of year is really beautiful. Physically, yes. Autumns aren’t the same without watching the leaves in Central Park change or taking drives through Connecticut, hypnotized by the orange and red leaves and sudden hint of someone lighting their fireplace. But it’s also beautiful in a theoretical sense. January 1st marks the numerical new year, but September holds a similar meaning. I don’t think January 1st will ever compare to a new academic year: a grade older, more school uniform privileges, and a heavier workload. And it’s the fall days that you treasure most in anticipation of the harsher winter ones.

In celebration of the crisper air, I decided to make tomato soup for me and some of my friends. Accompanied with a signature grilled cheese, this tomato soup is the definition of comfort and is a perfect transition to fall.

Recipe inspiration via Martha Stewart, but more so, Mom