World War III: Sorority Style

For the moments where you want nothing more than a goofy, entertaining, first world problem kind of a film, this one’s for you! It had all of the PG-rated display of college parties and the message of doing the “right thing” seen in a typical Disney Channel Original movie or ABC Family flick. I first found sorority wars when I was looking forward to going to a school in the South. Also, Lucy Hale, the star of Pretty Little Liars and one of my style icons is in it. On a boring rainy Sunday, I decided to watch! It’s no award-winning film, but it had its moments and could definitely relate.

It’s similar to Sydney White: a girl is led to a certain sorority/ group of girls because she is a legacy due to her mom. Also similarly to Sydney White, Hale’s character just doesn’t fit in with the sorority that has seemed to change so much since her mother was there. Instead, she becomes an outcast, later accepted by a different group. This movie is sweet in the sense that it tells girls not to conform to what they think they should be. It’s an important message, especially since a lot of girls I know (including myself) went through rush and didn’t end up finding a match. There’s not much substance to this movie, but it was nonetheless enjoyable and gave me some insight about my upcoming year at a Greek-oriented school. It gives great advice: be true to yourself, because life is all about becoming a better version of you!