Chocolate Raspberry Bars


I used to think I wasn’t a cooked fruit person. This and two of my most recent posts have obviously proven me wrong.

This week, I ended my internship, and my sister came home from France. To celebrate both, I made this delicious dessert that a friend at my internship introduced me to. The tang of the fresh summer raspberries, the rich chocolate, and the buttery crust made me a cooked-fruit convert.

Courtesy What’s Cooking America via Emily

Recipe notes:
-I added in the chopped nuts and used walnuts. They were the perfect crunchy contrast to the shortbread-like base.
-Instead of raspberry preserves, I reduced 1/4 cup raspberry jam and 1 half-pint of raspberries over a low flame. I broke up big pieces of raspberry but still wanted some whole chunks.

**My number one suggestion: let these cool, cut them up, and leave them in the fridge for about an hour. They’ll get slightly fudge-like and will be perfect with a glass of milk.